2010-06 Equinox - Naples (Pompeii)

Mount Vesuvius from the bus window

The sports complex and theater

The old roads which had were designed to have water flowing through them like a small river, with the side walks on the sides.

Inside the living area of an ancient house
by the clothes washing pit

The ancient home owners garden

Some of the art on his walls

Playing on the streets (and elevated crosswalk stepping stones) of Pompeii

Leaving Pompeii
The ancient city entrance

Ingrid having Fun at Pompeii


Ancient art work and murals that survived

Above Pompeii is a church built in the 1700s before anyone realized that Pompeii was buried underneath (~60 feet down).

An old water fountain along the shopping road

The old store front advertisements

An old food serving buffet station

The old town center with Mount Vesuvius

The restoration area

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