2010-06 Equinox - Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

St Johns Basilica
Ingrid happy to be here

St Johns resting spot

A cross carving on the column

The old alter

The Baptismal area

The location of the Virgin Mary's last house

The house replica

The rainwater collection pit


The Ancient Roman Port of Ephesus

The original medical symbol carved (presumably at a Doctors office)
along one of  the columns along the ancient marble road in Ephesus

In ancient Roman religion, Victoria was the goddess of victory. She is the Roman Equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike.  You can see her modern day Nike swoosh in her gown which is similar to the shoe logo that Isabel was wearing!

Progressing along the marble road is a Medusa's head located  at Hadrian's temple.  On the front arch, the keystone is a bust of the mother goddess Cybele and on a semicircle in the back is a relief of the head of Medusa.  This is one of the pagan cults that was generating revenue for the city such that St Paul was banned from the city for his preaching's.
Continuing to head down the road toward included a stop at an ancient Roman Potty.
At the bottom of the hill and the end of the road was the ancient library building Celsus.   In the ancient world this was the third largest library housing over 15000 scrolls.   To make the library look more impressive, the columns on the front were tapered to give the illusion that the building front was larger.
The Romans loved their theaters and shows.  Today the population of many ancient Roman cities is estimated as 10 times the capacity of the towns theater.  In this case Ephesus was estimated to be 250,000 people as the theater could seat 25,000.  This theater has been in continuous service and still holds special events today.
Here we saw  the end of a Roman entertainment reenactment.

Leaving Ephesus their were over 40 busses transporting tourists.    This was a fine opportunity to purchase a "Genuine fake Watch"!

For us we had a lunch stop for some authentic Turkish food pool side at a local hotel
Followed by a rug sales pitch in which we saw 47 rugs demonstrated.   Of course Isabel and Ingrid thought that this was a fun stop as they got to play in the rugs.
Lastly back on board to say good bye to Turkey.  From here our cruise had reached its most eastern destination.

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