2010-06 Equinox - Rome, Italy

San Pietro in Vincoli

San Pietro in Vincoli (Saint Peter in Chains) is a basilica in Rome that houses St. Peter's chains which were fused by a miracle.  Michelangelo carved a 27 ton piece of marble into a masterpiece within this church.

Church of Domine Quo Vadis
At this spot Saint Peter while fleeing persecution in Rome met a vision of Jesus. According to the Acts of Peter, Peter asked Jesus, Domine, quo vadis? (English: Lord, where are you going?) Jesus answered Eo Romam iterum crucifigi (English: I am going to Rome to be crucified again). From this Peter returned to Rome.
Catacomb of St Agnes

 The catacombs just outside the old city and where St Paul and St Peter secretly met to pray underground.

Knights of Malta
The secret keyhole view of St Peters Basilica.
A Cardinal commissioned a piece
of art for his garden to complement his  view of St Peters Basilica.   As a joke the artist built a solid wall.   Of course the Cardinal was upset and gave the artist three days to improve his view. Instead of removing the wall, the artist installed a small view port through the wall that allowed the Cardinal to see the dome of St Peters Basilica. Calming down the Cardinal accepted the humor and allowed the wall to remain.
Trevi Fountain
Trevi fountain in ancient times was where the main aqueduct entered the cities water supply.  Today each day over 3000 Euros are thrown into the fountain. It is said that throwing three coins with your right hand over your left shoulder will assure that you will return to Rome.

Spanish Steps
Built by the French in the 1720s they included at the base statues of the Four French kings.  Outraged that French Kings were displayed in Italy the Pope (who controlled Rome) used the courts to sue to remove the Statutes.  Of course Italy prevailed and the French had to pay to remove the statutes.  As an added reminder to the French of their mistake the Pope renamed the steps  as "The Spanish Steps" even though Spain had nothing to do with them.

Piaza Navona and the Fountain of Four Rivers
The fountain from the Angels and Demons movie where the earth element water was used to drown a Cardinal.

The Coliseum



All Around Rome
Eating Gelato in Rome  
The worlds largest McDonalds (and decorated ornately in Marble) located near the Spanish Steps
Mama Mia its a Cheese Pizza Pie

The Subway rides

Singing in the Rain
St Peters Basilica at Night  
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