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2008-09 Hurricane Ike

Eye of the Storm and our House

Chris had the benefit of watching the storm all day Saturday from Singapore while Cathy and the girls rode IKE out at home. All are ok and Chris got home once the airports opened on the following Tuesday. In Singapore CNN International had continuous coverage. It was odd see all the familiar locations experiencing the storm on TV. By the time that IKE got to our house, the eye wall winds were 87 mph. The eye appears to be about 50 miles across and Cathy said that it took about 90 minutes for the eye center to pass the house.


Overall Damage Report for our house & land: Eleven Trees with six blocking the garage and driveway. It took 60 hours of chainsaw work and clearing before we could get cars from the garage to the road.  We lost our largest tree on the property and had two smaller 4" pines in the pool.  The house survived with no direct tree strikes.  We did loose 7 window seals (no broken glass) and a few roof ridge vents are bent and in need of replacing. 

Utilities repairs were substantial:  On day 3 partial phone came back due to AT&T installing portable generators at every little phone switching network in the area.  This was a monumental task and it was obvious that they were implementing a good plan, occasionally a generator would be out of gas, but within a few hours they had it back up; on day 4 partial water service was returned (see picture of sign below); day 5 partial DSL internet, full time phone.  The newspaper stated that FEMA was randomly confiscating good phone lines from the AT&T for their communications; on day 6 full DSL, day 7 full  time water supply (again on the pumps on generators from the water company), day 13 power back!!! On day 14 power gone and on day15 power back yippee!

Sunday Morning - Although the pictures do not show it, the driveway was covered with the top of the largest tree branches and two more trees (18") that were knocked down when it fell

Wednesday Afternoon

Day 4 - Water service returns

Friday Morning -  What is left of our largest tree 54" diameter is removed at the base

Sunday Afternoon - Chris And the Girls in front of the base of the tree trunk. Because the trunk is partially in the ditch, its full 54" size is not apparent. This was a BIG tree.

Neighborhood Sidewalk uplifted

Sunday Evening Day 8 - Lines down and trees still on main neighborhood feed

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