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2007-12 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - 2007

This has been the year of travel for Chris. As his Asia project progresses there were many trips to the engineering centers in London, Tokyo, and Singapore. As these are far away, it left Cathy and the girls to fend for themselves (even after Chris returned and worked through the jet lag).


The girls continue to be a source of joy and fun. Isabel is now in pre-K program at Montessori. Her Dad's frequent trips have helped her to learn the continents and countries in the world, which helped her complete her world map. She has also begun to learn how to read and is discovering new words all the time. Meanwhile Ingrid is picking up some of her Dad's facial expressions (the ones Mommy does not like). While Ingrid is not speaking yet, she understands everything and has become quite the little helper. While only a few sounds are coming out, she can communicate her wants empathically. She also has become quite the Mickey Mouse fan and is perfectly happy to watch his adventures. Ingrid also has figured out how to push Isabel's buttons, and she takes great enjoyment in exercising this task. It is fun to watch the two of them together even though it occasionally involves a "parenting" moment.


July 4th found us hosting our second annual get together. It was a relaxing afternoon and included a mix of work friends, Isabel's school mates, the old Beaumont crowd (which now includes quite a few kids) and the extended Texas family. Over the summer (and for the northerners that includes October in Texas) the pool was great. Ingrid absolutely loves the pool. All you had to do was mention the word and she was ready to get in and splash around.  For Isabel the pool is a marker for her growth: this year she could touch the bottom for a quarter of the pool.   Both girls will be swimmers before too long.  The backyard continues to be a little resort which makes for some fun weekends and an occasional evening.


Our first two weeks of December were spent on a transatlantic cruise from Barcelona Spain to Florida.  (While hard to believe, this was the only cruise this year!) The cruise had a few stops in Spain followed by the Canary Islands and then spent six days at sea only seeing an occasional boat.  Isabel loved the opportunity to trade Montessori for "Cruise School" and was looking for ways to convince us to stay in school longer. The days at sea made up for the time change from Europe to America with a series of 25 hour days, which is my idea of a relaxing vacation.  Isabel seemed to be the most excited about the trip. Her expression and excitement as the airplane was landing in Spain was priceless.  For Cathy and Chris it was a well needed rest as Chris was in London most of the 4 weeks prior to the cruise. 


January will find Ingrid joining Isabel at the Montessori.  She knows about the school and is excited about joining the toddler room.


We hope that you have happiness, good health, and God’s blessing in the coming year.


      The Buchwald’s of Texas ~ Cathy, Chris, Isabel & Ingrid

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