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2006-12 Christmas Card

2006 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Baby Ingrid arrived the 12th of April.  She is a happy baby and frequently has a warm smile on her face.  Currently she is a speed crawler who can give Lightning McQueen a run for his gas. She was baptized in November and Theresa and Timothy Yasger are her God Parents. Cathy went back to work part time in June and full time in October. 

Isabel began the year by attending Montessori.  She now has many friends at school and while there seems to be a steady few, it is entertaining to hear “who is” and “who is not” her friend each day.  In October she turned four and we celebrated her birthday at “Pump It Up”.  This is an inflatable moonwalk arena in an old grocery store.  Her party was well attended by her class and our eyes have opened to the underlying neighborhood making their living off of toddlers!

In January the pool was finished but not yet occupied.   This was about to change as on New Year’s Day “Uncle Tim” (originally from Minnesota) declared that a 70oF water temperature was warm enough!  I know that this is hard to believe as it is only a few degrees above freezing, however, we have a picture to prove the event.   

Over the summer we were fortunate to have a visit from both the Yasger’s of Texas and the Buchwald’s of Ohio.  While we thought the Yasger’s used the pool a lot, the Ohioan’s practically lived outside in the pool.  With both visits there was plenty of splashing, jumping, and playing.   There is nothing like a bunch of kids playing to make you feel like a kid again.

 This year brought no floods, hurricanes, or other major storms to our neighborhood.   However, in preparation for hurricane season we installed a house generator and took down a few trees around the house.  While we thought the generator would be idle until a hurricane came, it has proven surprisingly useful for power failures. I know that is what is supposed to do, however, I just didn’t realize how often I was resetting the clock on the coffee machine!  As for the trees, at the end of hurricane season on a clear day a large oak from our front yard fell across the driveway. I guess I should have had one more tree removed.

In June we finally hung up the last picture from our old house, so we celebrated by hosting a 4th of July party.  It was fun to get a lot of our friends together and just kick back and enjoy a weekend for a change. 

My work travel has been hectic this year.  As my project load is in Asia now, my most frequent destination was Singapore which is really far away.   I also got the opportunity to see Tokyo, Paris, and London.   Cathy feeling a little left out took a China, Honk Kong, and Tokyo trip upon her return working.

In September Isabel and I snuck off for a seven day cruise by ourselves.  We had a great time and we were able to prove that we can survive without Mommy, if someone else cooks and cleans for us.   In December we took the entire family on the same cruise.   By this time Isabel was a veteran and knew what to do each day and in each port.   She is still not sure what to make of pirates and she insisted that I kept the balcony door locked while we were at sea

While I am not posting as often as I used to, there are many pictures of the girls (and a few of us) on our family website:

We hope that you have happiness, good health, and God’s blessing in the coming year.

The Buchwald’s of Texas,

     Cathy, Chris, Isabel & Ingrid


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