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2005-12 Christmas Card

2005 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our big news is not what happened this year but rather what will happen next year.  We are expecting a second girl in April.  We are all very excited about this addition to the family.   At the middle of the second trimester everything is fine and we pray that it will remain this way.  

The middle of the year found us in Port Aransas with the Yasger Family and Buchwald Family (of Ohio). With seven adults and five kids a fair balance was able to be kept between the beach, the pool, and the DVD remote. It also allowed the adults to enjoy a few games of Rumikub. Uncle Chris was able to teach Ethan how to jump into a pool, and Aunt Sheila learned the Texas way to feed sea gulls at the beach.

In September we visited the emergency room with Isabel. As she loves playgrounds, we normally went 2-3 times a week throughout the warmer months, however, a trip down the slide ended badly as she landed sideways and broke her leg.  This resulted in two hard casts, a week of no walking, many x-rays and several Doctor visits.  She followed the Doctor’s instructions extremely well and since little kids “big girls” heal fast, she had the cast removed on her birthday in October.  A week later she was back on the slide, but with a little more caution.

The cast did provide a 7 week interruption to her dance practice with her Dad.  She was excited about dancing in her fancy clothes and we had been practicing since the last cruise.  However she was able to get in enough practice to impress the passengers on our December cruise.  This was the same cruise itinerary that we completed in May, so this time Isabel knew what she wanted to do in each of the ports.  She couldn’t wait to get on the blue floating mat at Paradise Beach in Cozumel and be towed around by her Dad.  We saw a lot of hurricane damage in Cozumel including the damage at the same beach that we had gone to earlier in the year.

At home we decided to ride through Hurricane Rita in September. The projections for landfall started West of our area and Rita ended up making landfall 100 miles East from us.  We were fortunate to only have tree damage and power loss, as many of our friends in Beaumont had much worse.  It was amazing to see how fast gas stations run out of fuel and stores run out of food as people prepared for the approaching hurricane.  We were right there with them:  Cathy buying survival items like drinks, food, and batteries while I bought toys: like a chain saw.  The wind from the storm passed over in about 24 hours and fairly quickly life returned to normal.

Also in September, I took the first of two business trips to Paris.  It was quite a different experience from traveling to the Middle East, and I have to admit that I was generally surprised with how friendly everybody in France was. 

The Houston Astro’s Baseball team had a great year making it all the way to the World Series.  Cathy won two tickets at face value from a drawing on so we were there for the third game in the series.  They were great seats lower level just past first base. Unfortunately the Astro’s lost however we had a 15 inning experience that kept us out until 2:00am on a work night!

During the last few months of the year we initiated construction on our pool.  It was filled with water after Thanksgiving and should be complete by mid-December.  Everyone is invited this summer to come and enjoy it.

Isabel has now become a fan of Disney Princess characters.  Her favorite is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and her second favorite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

We hope that you have happiness, good health, and God’s blessing in the coming year.

Cathy, Chris, & Isabel



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