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2004-12 Christmas Card

2004 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Once again the year has been busy.  We started in January by moving, and as in the past, moving related projects consumed most of the year (although this time we had Isabel as a helper).   Our goal is to hang a few pictures on the walls before New Years.

It has been joyful to watch Isabel grow and try new things throughout the year.  She likes going to the Zoo and seeing the giraffes (including the new baby giraffe).  And she never passes an opportunity to climb into the bike trailer for a ride to the park.  Anyhow, she currently loves puzzles, Nemo, the alphabet, and Frosty.

Our travels took us to Ohio and the Caribbean this past year. There are many pictures of Isabel, and a few of us, on our website.

We hope that you have happiness and good health in the coming year.

Cathy, Chris, & Isabel


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