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2002 Isabel Sonograms

12-Sept-2002 Sonogram

2002-09 - 2.jpg (11865 bytes)

Big Foot!

2002-09 - 1.jpg (11347 bytes)

Its a Girl

2002-09 - 3.jpg (10361 bytes)

Face (you have to use some imagination)

2002-09 -Baby Hat.jpg (60803 bytes)

Same Picture (with a little help)


4-June-2002 Sonogram

2002-06-D.jpg (90973 bytes)

Hand Waving Hello

2002-06-B.jpg (90204 bytes)

Body and Head

2002-06-C.jpg (94547 bytes)

Head Profile

2002-06-A.jpg (97545 bytes)

2002-06-E.jpg (115111 bytes)


29-May-2002 Sonogram

2002-05 The Thinker.jpg (265940 bytes)

The thinker.  Chin resting on hand, with elbow on knee.

2002-05 Side View.jpg (265072 bytes)

Side profile view, face on the right, belly on the bottom


03-April-2002 Sonogram

2002-04.jpg (112904 bytes)

Head (upper right) and body (very small



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