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2002-10 Pebworth

DSC02340.JPG (62715 bytes)

DSC02338.JPG (61328 bytes)

DSC02337.JPG (61777 bytes)

Before Pebworth 03.jpg (18315 bytes)

After Pebworth 04.jpg (21029 bytes)

New stove, microwave and tile flooring

Before Pebworth 05.jpg (23066 bytes)

One closet shelve: sagging and separating at center

After Pebworth 06.jpg (14126 bytes)

Two shelves and an added set of shelving

Before Pebworth 07.jpg (15046 bytes)

Dark carpet

After Pebworth 08.jpg (14820 bytes)

New carpet and paint

Before Pebworth 09.jpg (16604 bytes)

Vinyl flooring

After Pebworth 10.jpg (12040 bytes)

Ceramic tile

AfterPebworth 19.jpg (13367 bytes)


Before Pebworth 11.jpg (25690 bytes)

(Back door carpeted)

After Pebworth 12.jpg (22914 bytes)

Back door with new tile entry way

Before Pebworth 13.jpg (20291 bytes)

Old living room ceiling fan

After Pebworth 14.jpg (19931 bytes)

brighter whiter ceiling fan


Pebworth 17.jpg (20225 bytes)

 "Helpful painter" 

Pebworth 20.jpg (17879 bytes)

Front entry ceramic tile

Garage front Pebworth 21.jpg (20748 bytes)

Garage rear spacePebworth 22.jpg (15645 bytes)

Garage Left 

Pebworth 23.jpg (15246 bytes)

Garage Right 

Pebworth 24.jpg (17124 bytes)

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